New Orleans Jazz & Street parade

The K-Street Jazz band is arguably one of the more youthful bands playing traditional New Orleans style street jazz in Europe today. In fact, it's pretty fair to say that in a scene dominated by old jazz cats ... we pride ourselves on still looking like a bunch of kittens!

Mind you, those late twenties can be deceptive because the band is part of a much wider and older jazz tradition.

The southwestern part of the Netherlands has a unique culture when it comes to street jazz, with the internationally renowned Breda Jazz Festival at its epicenter.


The nearby town of Bergen op Zoom has an especially dense spread of jazz bands, demonstrated by the 2015 documentary 'New Orleans on the Scheldt', which by chance also happened to immortalize our band ... for posterity.      

If there's anything this band tries to prove in every performance it gives, it's that traditional jazz is anything but a dusty phonograph record playing softly in some elderly mans attic. It​'s music that's meant to be played live, in the streets! 

Formed in 2012, the band has since become a regular at many traditional jazz festivals in the Netherlands and in more recent years has steadily been performing at (and returning to) a number of international venues, including the Celler Jazztage in Germany and prestigious River Boat Jazz Festival in Denmark.  

For us, a performance abroad is not about making a profit ... it's about meeting new people and sharing a love for this particular brand of jazz. 

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